For operational excellence

For operational excellence

Fixing the $200B Problem

Most CEOs say they have an ‘execution problem’ not a strategy problem. To understand why execution suffers you need to understand the role that meetings play in execution.

The core purpose of most meetings is to review the progress toward things that need to be done and to add new tasks to the list of things that need to be done.

Therefore when your meetings are not productive it’s easy to understand why execution suffers.

The cost of bad meetings is embarrassingly high. One study estimates the cost to be $200B annually. Why isn’t this seen as a crisis? Why do you and others in your company put up with bad meetings?

The solution is to change the culture of how things get done and change your execution. The solution is Meeting Compass. Meeting Compass:

• Produces productive, meaningful outcomes for every meeting

• Aligns everyone on purpose

• Gives managers visibility to task progress through the Execution Journal

• Frees up valuable time

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